Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stellar Day

Spinner Rings
Stellar Day, known as the earth's rotation period relative to the fixed stars. Approximately 86,000 seconds of mean solar time.  Quite impressive isn't it.

And here's another notable find, 360 Jewels' Spinner Rings.  These rings have spinning mechanisms. Comprised of two rings where the inner one rotates.  Follow its turn and you'll see 20 carats of 132 precious stones in rhodium plated fine sterling silver.

There's no denying.  Your day will be more than stellar when you wear one of these.

Available online at


  1. thanks so much for featuring our spinner ring! We love your creativity to see and describe it!
    Happy Stellar Day ;-)
    May & Belle

  2. It's such a pleasure to write about something so beautiful. Have a Stellar weekend too :)

  3. Nice ring is so huge I guess if your wedding ring is like this your cool.


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