Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Human Factor

Chromosome Shirts

Chromosomes are pieces of coiled DNAs - the blueprints of our humanness.  It contains the genetic information that allows us to function, grow and reproduce.  

Xenotees' designs are as unique as the chromosomes they print on their apparel.  Each shirt is hand-screened with their own blueprint of utmost care.  So, get ready for a 'chromosomal crossover', known to be the time when chromosomes interact or recombine.  

Wear one and you'll soon be headed to the throne of casual fashion eminence.

Available online at Xenotees.


  1. I love what you wrote- so poetic, and the photo you used was perfect! Thank you so much for featuring my XX t-shirt!


  2. You're very much welcome Noelle :) I love your clever and minimalist designs.

  3. Nice designing of chromosomes on t shirt! I also like designed and colorful anvil clothing for casual wear.


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