Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Woven Glamour

High Style Weaving

Weaving is the art of interlacing two distinct sets of threads with each other to form a fabric.  The designer behind Glamorosi, a couture jewelry brand, has taken the craft to another level.  Producing not clothes, but jewelries.

What's not to love?  This necklace is hand-woven in an open lace-like design and features two cuts of turquoise: rounds and drops. The drops are accented with sterling silver rounds and bead caps. 

The luxe collar is expertly finished with crimp covers and wire guards, and is secured by a box clasp inlaid with turquoise.

Every inch of this piece is definitely woven with style.

Available online at Glamorosi.


  1. this is stunning and Glamorosi's work is beautiful

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